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The Innovative New Coat Stand Concept

The essence of the concept is not the coat stand, but the coat hanger. The hanger is clicked onto a slender rod, which itself is an integral part of the stand.

the coat hangers
The coat hanger and the coat hooks are each made of a single piece of aluminium. Moulded into organic forms, they become elegant ornaments.

+ the coat stand
The coat stand consists of a simple construction of one or more rods - minimalism par excellence. Each rod is an unembellished, slender bar of stainless steel.

= the concept
All the rods stand at an angle of 30 to each other. The coat hangers and hooks can be hung on these rods at any desired height - you simply click them on. This unique construction means that the hangers and hooks can only be used on coat stands in this particular line. For more general use, F.A. Porsche Design has also designed a coat hanger in plastic.

the accessories
The line consists of free-standing and wall-mounted coat stands and racks, mirrors, a hall table and an umbrella stand.


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Spinder - Design by F.A. Porsche